Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32x)

I don’t often write about Minecraft HD texture packs these days, mostly because every man and his dog is already doing it. But once in a great while a texture pack comes along that inspires me to speak on its behalf, Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack is one of those texture packs.

It’s no surprise that this texture pack really comes into its own with the more interior textures (beds, enchanting tables, chests, brick). That’s because the Victorians didn’t precisely have a monopoly on nature. If anything, this texture pack is designed to make your creations really stand out from the landscape as edifices of culture and civilisation.

Don’t take that to mean that the exterior textures have in any way suffered from lack of attention. On the contrary the smooth, almost silk like textures have a way of making the world seamless. Flowers especially make for small spots of gorgeous respite from the grassy plains and knols.

Most animals have been reskinned, with the notable exception of chickens. The GUI continues with the Victorian theme and is relatively usable. The only gripe I have, and it is a gripe I have with most eveyr texture pack, is the fact that ores seem very startling to the eye. Whilst this makes them easy to spot at a distance it can also lend an unreal feeling to the landscape because they are patchy. It would be nice to see some retextured ores that blend with other ore blocks to create a continuos vein.

That minor quibble aside, I cannot reccomend Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Pack enough. It’s not a huge step up in pixel terms, just 32 instead of the standard 16, so it shouldn’t cause memory problems, but what it does with those extra 16 pixels squared is very special indeed.

Download Steelfeathers’ Victorian Enchanted Minecraft HD Texture Pack (32x)

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