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Link of Faith, Minecraft Adventure RPG Map

holy adventure map spawn point batman

Link of Faith is a myst-style minecraft adventure RPG map with over five hours of gameplay, stunning fantasy builds and more puzzles than you can shake your brain cells at. Well, maybe not that many, that would be millions of puzzles. Let’s just say the true number of puzzles involved in this adventure map is somewhere between two and the number of brain cells you have.

Minecraft Madness’ Medieval World Download (Small Castles, Epic Minecraft Builds)

small medieval minecraft castle

MinecraftMadness64 is the handle of a minecraft builder who has spent the last three hours enthralling me with his complex minecraft creations, which have included everything from military barracks to town houses to a castle that Rapunzel would have never left no matter how many princes came her way. If you like attention to detail and a medieval aesthetic, you’ll love this guy’s videos, and his builds, many of which are available for you to download, both in minecraft map form and MC Edit schematic.

a minecraft castle download

His tutorial on how to build epic things is particularly useful for anyone who feels tiny and insignificant when faced with the massive builds some other minecraft builders create. It’s also an excellent tutorial with regards to making your minecraft structures look detailed and impressive. Anybody can built a big stone box, but it takes a little bit of skill to create a big stone box that makes people’s jaws drop when they see it. Minecraft building is about aesthetics and design, and Mr Madness understands those concepts very well. His use of cobblestone walls, stairs and half-blocks is particularly impressive, as is the way he can transform buildings from the mundane to the sublime.

So whether you’re looking to download some medieval buildings for your server map, or if you’re wanting to learn how to build better minecraft structures, you’ll find something of value in MinecraftMadness’ frankly epic body of work. (Now place a stone button on the end of that log, there you go.)

Download a small, but not in any way modest minecraft castle here!

Deadline Survival, Timed Minecraft Survival Map! (Seven Days To Save Yourself)

deadline survival minecraft map download

We’ve all played the old ‘minecraft survival map in a bedrock box’ map before. They’re fun, but once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all. Right? Right? Wrong. Deadline Survival adds a new twist to the old formula by adding a timer to the map. You’ve still got to work out a way to survive with limited resources and even more limited room, but now the time that it takes too grow some wheat or even get a tree to turn from sapling to wood source might be too dashed long. This map comes in two variations, a ‘normal’ mode and a ‘hard’ mode. The difference between them is whether or not you’ll be forced to delete your world if you should happen to die.

dangerous mobs guard minecraft emeralds

This is a survival map with a goal. You have seven days to find nine emeralds. These emeralds are hidden in the box you call a world. As you play, an ominous glowing counter marks the days until something terrible happens. Think Majora’s Mask. No, don’t think that, you don’t have time to think that and there’s no Song of Time to save you now!

As always, the rules are simple. Get emeralds and survive, or die trying. And odds are you will die because it’s not just the terrain that’s hostile. As you delve deep into the map to try and retrieve the nine emeralds you’ll encounter all manner of terrible creatures, snarling and clanking about the place with little regard for your safety.

deadline survival minecraft map jungle temple

What happens if you win? I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you that it involves cake, lies and not being on the recieving end of a redstone trap to end all redstone traps.

Got time? Check out Deadline Survival

Animated Minecart Rails

animated minecart rails

Animated textures really do represent the next giant step for minecraft-kind. With animated textures, the grass can blow in the wind, leaves on trees can rustle as you walk by, He Man can perform impromptu concerts for your amusement, and redstone can become something vital and alive, not just a line of bright red dust with the occasional particle effect if you’re lucky.

Zhemnadia, Minecraft RPG Adventure Map

Zhemnadia Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Every great story begins with a novice setting out into the world to become someone great. Zhemnadia is no different. This is, to all effects and purposes, a minecraft RPG map in which you play the role of someone aspiring to be a Templar knight.

This is the first minecraft adventure map I’ve ever played that started with credits. Like a move. Plot twist: player dies right at the beginning. Fortunately for us all, this is minecraft and death is not an end, just a precursor to respawning.

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