Minecraft Madness’ Medieval World Download (Small Castles, Epic Minecraft Builds)

small medieval minecraft castle

MinecraftMadness64 is the handle of a minecraft builder who has spent the last three hours enthralling me with his complex minecraft creations, which have included everything from military barracks to town houses to a castle that Rapunzel would have never left no matter how many princes came her way. If you like attention to detail and a medieval aesthetic, you’ll love this guy’s videos, and his builds, many of which are available for you to download, both in minecraft map form and MC Edit schematic.

a minecraft castle download

His tutorial on how to build epic things is particularly useful for anyone who feels tiny and insignificant when faced with the massive builds some other minecraft builders create. It’s also an excellent tutorial with regards to making your minecraft structures look detailed and impressive. Anybody can built a big stone box, but it takes a little bit of skill to create a big stone box that makes people’s jaws drop when they see it. Minecraft building is about aesthetics and design, and Mr Madness understands those concepts very well. His use of cobblestone walls, stairs and half-blocks is particularly impressive, as is the way he can transform buildings from the mundane to the sublime.

So whether you’re looking to download some medieval buildings for your server map, or if you’re wanting to learn how to build better minecraft structures, you’ll find something of value in MinecraftMadness’ frankly epic body of work. (Now place a stone button on the end of that log, there you go.)

Download a small, but not in any way modest minecraft castle here!

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