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Minecraft Invasion Mod Download For 1.4.6

minecraft invasion mod download

The invasion mod is the perfect mod for testing the strength and security of your stronghold and base designs. If spiders skittering up the walls and the occasional enderman teleporting into your base to steal your carpet doesn’t quite give you the sense of danger that you require in order to feel fulfilled in your minecraft life, then the Invasion Mod is the mod for you.

What Does The Invasion Mod Do?

Quite a lot.

Let’s start with the mobs. The normal mobs are scaled up to new tiers. A zombie now comes in two tiers, an almost normal zombie and a supercharged zombie which can upgrade its weaponry and all but gnaw through stone. Some zombies come in super flammable versions, being covered in tar on account of tar pits.

There’s also a siege mob, designed to test the strength of your walls. This mob will camp outside your nexus for all time.

The pig engineer. This mob won’t attack you, it will slowly and surely overcome all your defenses. It will build bridges and is capable of tunneling upwards. Which means your feet are no longer safe, because those supercharged zombies are coming in Mr Pig Engineer’s face.

This map contains several new blocks and items, including a nexus block, which is pretty much like building a temperamental self destruct mechanism capable of destroying every living thing in your base. That includes you, of course.

Click here to get the Invasion Mod, and let your personal invasion begin!

Spawner Minecarts, TNT Minecarts, Dispenser Minecarts

spawner minecarts, dispenser minecarts

A whole new world of minecarts awaits us in the upcoming redstone update, in which you will, apparently, be able to place Spawners, TNT and Dispensers in minecarts.

This is going to be perfect both for natural world traps (as in, naturally generated pitfalls generated by the same world generator that failed to give us Herobrine, and for multiplayer servers, where you’ll never be able to trust a minecart rolling down the rails ever again.


How To Craft A Minecraft Hopper Block

Hopper blocks are easy and cheap to craft, just one chest placed in the middle of five smoothstone blocks. For those of you who haven’t crafted smoothstone in a while, you can make smoothstone by putting cobblestone into the furnace and smelting it for a time.

how to make a minecraft hopper

Quartz Blocks Enter The World Of Minecraft

minecraft quartz block preview

Future minecraft updates will include a new decorative block, the Quartz Block. Quartz comes in three types thus far, striped quartz, a pattern reminiscent of Aztec / Mayan styles and a plain block for those of us who don’t want to get too fancy with our fanciness.


Daylight Sensor Operated Doors and Passages

The new daylight sensing block, which can tell whether it is being hit by light, has been used to create a passage that only opens in moonlight at midnight, inspired by the Lord of the Rings Mellon passage. Check out the video!

Five Uses For The New Minecraft Daylight Sensor


If a door is opened, allowing light into your base, then a daylight sensor block can trigger a redstone current that will in turn trigger a dispenser or ten full of arrows.

Light / Time Sensitive Doors

See the video above 🙂

Night Lights

If a redstone Not gate is connected to the daylight sensor, the polarity will be reversed and the daylight sensor will emit a redstone charge when it is dark. Here’s a link to a one minute long video that teaches you how to make a redstone inverter, or NOT gate. This will enable you to have a city that never sleeps, with street lights activating at dusk and turning off at dawn.

Rain Sensor / Barometer

The light sensor is sensitive to the cloudy weather that is associated with rain, so you can use a day light sensor to create a rain warning system, which could very well prevent accidental exposure to lightning strikes.

City Gates

If you’re creating a medieval city, you can create a redstone operated gate that opens in the day time and closes at night, just as was done in the days of yore.

How To Craft A Daylight Sensor

minecraft daylight sensor crafting recipe

The daylight sensor can be made using three glass blocks, three pieces of nether quartz (another new item) and three wooden slabs, all placed in horizontal lines along the crafting grid.

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