The Redstone Update Guide (How To Use 1.5)

minecraft redstone update guide

The upcoming redstone update, otherwise known as Minecraft 1.5, is going to be a game changer. Get a drop on the changes and new blocks associated with the redstone update with this guide!

The redstone update is about making minecraft more complex, and whilst this might not please the casual player, many of these new additions to the game can be safely ignored. Where the redstone update will really come into its own will be in multiplayer servers, survival maps and adventure maps. The many new redstone blocks and mechanics mean that the player will be entering a whole new world, where opening a chest can trigger the spawning of a hostile mob and one redstone current can be mutiplied many times over, creating a chain of events linked to one action.

New Blocks In The Redstone Update

Hopper Block

the hopper block

The hopper can automatically collect dropped items, making it the perfect block for fully automating mob grinders, some farming systems and potentially, traps.

Weighted Pressure Plates

A weighted pressure plate is capable of differentiating between different blocks, so if used as a lock, for example, it could be used to generate a redstone current if a block of diamond is placed on it, but not if a block of stone is placed on it.

Daylight Sensor

daylight sensor blocks

daylight sensor blocks

The daylight sensor detects light levels and emits a redstone signal accordingly. Want to know how to use it? Check out these uses for the daylight sensor block!

Quartz Blocks

A largely decorative block, harvested from Nether Quartz Ore, adding a whole new function to the Nether. Check out the patterns available in Quartz!

Redstone Blocks

redstone blocks

Finally, you can store redstone in block form, making storage more compact and adding a new form of decoration to the game. The redstone block can also be used as part of redstone circuits, as it emits a redstone charge. It is also a ‘pushable’ redstone source, which can therefore be used in conjunction with pistons.

redstone blocks and sticky pistons

Trap Chests (Trapped Chests)

Normal chest on the left, trapped chest on the right.

Normal chest on the left, trapped chest on the right.

Trap chests are chests that emit a redstone current when they are opened. This means chest based traps are now possible and opening a chest on a multiplayer server just turned into a very dangerous proposition. Players with keen eyes might notice the slight differences between trap chests and ordinary chests and it’s also pretty likely that texture pack makers will soon create packs that allow the player to easily see trapped chests.

Redstone Comparator

redstone comparator and redstone repeater

A redstone comparator is pretty much the same thing as a redstone repeater, but it has two inputs, allowing for much more complex and compact circuits. The comparator will allow two redstone events to result from one redstone action. Ie, if a comparator is triggered by the use of trip wire and trapped chest, two new reactions could be triggered, for example, a door could open AND the floor could start self destructing, creating an Indiana Jones moment.

New Redstone Mechanics

Redstone Chests / Dispenser Signals

In the Redstone Update, chests and dispensers will give out a redstone current which will vary based on how full they are. This will enable players to automate dispenser and chest storage according to redstone signal strength.

New Minecart Types

The redstone update brings with it a whole new set of minecart types, including rolling mob spawners and more. Check out the new redstone update minecarts!

Redstone Transport Systems

The redstone / minecart systems will be more integrated than ever in the redstone update. Minecarts will be able to be used in much more sophisticated ways, as in postal systems. You’ll be able to send particular minecarts to particular destinations by ‘adressing’ them to the right spot. The new chest system and hopper block will enable you to have those carts automatically unloaded into storage receptacles and stores.

Linked Minecarts

In 1.5, you’ll be able to link minecarts together to create a minecart train.

Unloading Rails

Some rails will allow for mobs and chests to be unloaded without breaking the railway system.

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