Minecraft 1.7 Terrain Generation Update

There will be a new terrain generator in Minecraft 1.7. It will include all new terrain and biomes, and even some new trees. That’s the good news. The not so good news, depending on your attitude to these sorts of these things, is that oceans seem to have completely disappeared.

Check out the graphics from the Mojang Official Blog Update:

minecraft new vs old terrain generation

You’ll also notice that there are new items in the sea, or in the many lakes, whichever you prefer to call them.

Proponents of this new terrain generator sans oceans are pleased because, frankly, 1.6 is hard to get around in survival mode. You basically stick to whichever landmass you happen to spawn on, because striking out for new land with a very limited inventory and a tiny wooden boat feels like madness.

Spawner Minecarts, TNT Minecarts, Dispenser Minecarts

spawner minecarts, dispenser minecarts

A whole new world of minecarts awaits us in the upcoming redstone update, in which you will, apparently, be able to place Spawners, TNT and Dispensers in minecarts.

This is going to be perfect both for natural world traps (as in, naturally generated pitfalls generated by the same world generator that failed to give us Herobrine, and for multiplayer servers, where you’ll never be able to trust a minecart rolling down the rails ever again.


Quartz Blocks Enter The World Of Minecraft

minecraft quartz block preview

Future minecraft updates will include a new decorative block, the Quartz Block. Quartz comes in three types thus far, striped quartz, a pattern reminiscent of Aztec / Mayan styles and a plain block for those of us who don’t want to get too fancy with our fanciness.


A Minecraft Adventure Map To Rule Them All…

Minecraft adventure maps really are becoming something of an art form in their own right, check out this render shot from an upcoming adventure map from Hypixel.

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