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Wasteland Apocalypse, Minecraft Gravel Survival Map Download

All has become gravel in a minecraft survival map where grim landscapes and even grimmer chances of survival are the order of the day. You begin close to what was probably once a small fortress, but which is now a tattered pile of rubble. A few supplies can be scavenged here, but your hunger is already growing and food is the first thing on your mind. But where can food be found? Not growing in toxic gravel, that’s for sure.

minecraft wasteland survival map download

As for wood, there is precious little of that. No trees grow in this dead land, though a few stumps are to be found hither and thither. In addition to the mob infested ruins plain to see above the ground, there are dungeons lurking beneath the gravel and sand. One may as well abandon all hope before descending, for the steep drops and the high pitched call of bats inform one that this is a trip likely to be taken in one direction only.

Ender Island, Minecraft Sky Survival Island

minecraft ender island map download

This is a minecraft survival island map created by an Ender Dragon, set loose to create destruction, the path of the dragon’s flight was cast in obsidian and then overlaid with ores, stone, dirt and trees to create a beautiful survival map. The result is a rather beautiful, albeit large and oddly shaped survival island in the sky. This map can be played as a traditional survival island map, or the player can choose to go ahead and spawn another Ender Dragon and watch it tear apart their entire world.

Moonlight Island Minecraft Adventure Map

A minecraft survival island adventure map with some of the most raw quest text I’ve seen in a long time (boundaries are broken), this is one island adventure you’ll remember for at least five minutes. In the into quest, someone’s mother (perhaps your mother) demands homework and empty bottles in return for pocket money. And so the adventure begins.

minecraft house of wheat

Hidden Valley Minecraft Survival Islands Map

hidden valley minecraft survival island

More islands! More survival! (And a little adventure on the side for people who like that sort of thing, which is everyone.) Hidden Valley is a minecraft survival islands map complete with survival and islands. And breathtaking vistas. And a story that will keep you up at night, hunting clues, searching for treasure and avoiding hostile mobs. Unlike adventure maps, you’ll have to build your own shelter, find your own food and chop your own trees down to make boats and that sort of thing. The starting chest is fairly generous, especially if you have a taste for brown leather garments. It even comes with a complimentary iron pickaxe. (It told me I had pretty eyes.) (more…)

Minecraft Chernobyl Map | S.T.A.L.K.E.R Minecraft Download

minecraft chernobyl map download

A minecraft map covering 42 square miles of irradiated Chernobyl. Download Chernobyl in minecraft and explore the abandoned Russian city, infested by mutant creatures. It includes the disabled nuclear reactor, abandoned factories and houses, city infrastructure including massive power poles, their wires long since rotted away by radioactive acid rain. There’s even the infamous Pripyat ferris wheel to frolic around – and by frolic, I of course, mean run screaming around whilst gnawing on the rotten flesh of zombies – which is still healthier than actual food found in the region today.

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