Ender Island, Minecraft Sky Survival Island

minecraft ender island map download

This is a minecraft survival island map created by an Ender Dragon, set loose to create destruction, the path of the dragon’s flight was cast in obsidian and then overlaid with ores, stone, dirt and trees to create a beautiful survival map. The result is a rather beautiful, albeit large and oddly shaped survival island in the sky. This map can be played as a traditional survival island map, or the player can choose to go ahead and spawn another Ender Dragon and watch it tear apart their entire world.

I prefer the former, in fact, I think the former should be mandatory. Unlike Sky Block, in which one starts on a single block and expands outwards, an Ender Dragon survival map starts with a decent sized island and grows progressively smaller as a result of the Ender dragon destroying it forever when he moves. How dull it is for him to pause, to return to the end. A tragedy for him to rust unburnished, no, he should shine in use! Choose to live on a tempered isle if you will, but those brave of heart and strong and will feel a draw to greater isles. Perhaps you will see the great Herobrine, who once we knew.

So set off, dear Minecrafter, for your purpose must hold. Smite the sounding furrows and begin your voyage. Barren crags hold no meaning to you, for you are full of purpose. You will not grasp at the scraps of grass clinging to rock, you will find greater lands, you will know the meaning of destruction and in learning its dark paths, you will discover the fountain of all creation.

Also, dragons!

Download Minecraft End Island Survival Map!

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