Stevebob’s Underwater Minecraft Survival Map

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Stevebob Squarepants!

Can you survive inside this little yellow pineapple at the bottom of the ocean? Though the water presses down oppressively all around you, you do have one little pocket of survival potential in the form of your stylish pineapple home which comes with all the mod cons, including one sponge-bed and two fully automated sponge-fridges.

Surviving this map will depend on your ablity to tame the ocean floor, whilst making friends with all the little critters you meet along the way, even the ones that go boom.

Click here to read more and download this minecraft survival map!

The Sims 3 in Minecraft

All those little Sims 3 idiosyncrasies captured in a Minecraft video. Hi-larious. Particular kudos for the ‘walls down’ view and the speech bubbles.

Minecraft Carpet Mod

Turn blocks of wool into carpet with this minecraft mod!

How To Use The Minecraft Carpet Mod

It simply uses something similar to the ‘half block’ technology we’re already familiar with in Minecraft and allows you to craft ‘carpet squares’ out of colored wool. The ‘carpet’ is not nearly as thick as a half block of course, but it is crafted in the same way, with three blocks of wool placed horizontally in the crafting grid resulting in 12 squares of carpet.

Can I Place Items On Carpet?

No. Even though the carpet itself is just a thin layer of wool, it still technically takes up one whole block. This is not a shortcoming of the mod so much as it is a function of the way minecraft works. It’s also the reason why water can’t flow over torches or past ladders.

Does the Carpet Mod require Mod Loader?


Download the Minecraft Carpet Mod.

Seth Bling’s Giant Fried Eggs Minecraft Video

Seth Bling is probably my favorite Minecraft builder of all time. Now he’s made a minecraft stove and minecraft frying pan and his very own special ‘fried eggs’. Watch.

Don’t. Blink. Minecraft Weeping Angels Mod

Based on the Dr Who TV series, Weeping Angels are everything that Endermen should have been and weren’t. These stone angels won’t wander about in the dark picking up blocks of grass for no apparent reason, they spawn in darkness and freeze when seen. You might be lulled into a false sense of security by the way they stand there stoic and still, appearing entirely lifeless. But once you see one, you cannot take your eyes off of them or they will teleport after you and kill you. Weeping angels can only be destroyed by being mined with a diamond pick axe. Ender Dragons aside, these are, without a doubt, the scariest Minecraft mobs of all time.

Download the Weeping Angels Mod from the Minecraft Forum!

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