How To Tame Cats In Minecraft

Minecraft cats are tamed from wild ocelots, but ocelots run away if you get too close, so how do you tame them?

Step 1: Get some raw fish.

Step 2: Stand very still.

Curious Ocelot approaches you and your raw fish treat.

Step 3: Wait until the ocelot stalks towards you, then right click to feed them the fish.

Tamed ocelots change to domesticated cat skins.


Creepers and Cats | Minecraft AI In Action

In the new minecraft snapshot creepers have enhanced intelligence, but one weakness: cats. A creeper will run away from a minecraft cat if it finds itself within 6 blocks of one, regardless of whether it was about to blow you up or not.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Minecraft Robots from Seth Bling

Real, (and by real, I of course mean virtual) Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots you can play whilst playing Minecraft. Yep. Moving on. Skip to 1.35 to see the robots fighting.

Or watch the whole thing and feel the super wonder meister power of Seth Bling!

Download these from Planet Minecraft!

Is Johnny Gat Really Dead?

Saints Row: The Third has one of the most action packed opening sequences of any game title, but it’s not just a mindless blast ’em up sequence for fans of the sequel, because it is one in which a main character, one might even say the main character appears to die. Did Johnny Gat really die on the plane? Or is he still alive, waiting to make a comeback at a later date (or in a later installment of the Saints Row series.)

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How To Make Minecraft Food, A Guide To Eating Well In Minecraft

Food is important in Minecraft, your hunger bar can send you into oblivion before any creeper does if you don’t take care to keep yourself well fed. This guide to minecraft foods will help you create your very own minecraft menus and food strategies.

We’ll start with the so called staple of life: bread.

How To Bake Minecraft Bread

Baking bread in Minecraft is very easy, you’ll just need three bundles of wheat (grown from seeds dropped when long grass is destroyed) and a workbench. No oven or baking needed! Place three bundles of wheat horizontally across the crafting grid and you’ll have a loaf of bread. Of course, making bread requires growing wheat, which can take a fair amount of time if you don’t have acess to bonemeal. (Bonemeal being the product of placing a bone in your crafting grid.) You should have all the bonemeal you need if you play on easy difficulty or above however.

Bread provides three notches on your hunger bar. Keep this in mind.

The other thing to keep in mind when making bread is that you may very well be wasting your meat. It takes three bundles of wheat to make a single loaf of bread, but two bundles of wheat fed to a cow or pig or sheep (or chicken, for that matter) will cause the two animals to breed. It’s very possible that you’ll find the resulting roast pork, cooked chicken and steak to be better sources of food than bread.

Once upon a time great wheat fields spanned many minecraft worlds, because wheat was an easy and relatively passive way to generate valuable food. But because animals are now persistent (they used to despawn) and can be farmed, wheat is largely used to feed animals.

Which Minecraft Animals Give The Best Meat?

Steak and Cooked Pork Chops (both the cooked versions of the drops from cows and sheep respectively) both provide four hunger points. The only thing that provides more hunger points in the game is cake, which requires a bunch of ingredients to make, not to mention acess to buckets. Sometimes cows and pigs will drop more than one food item when killed, which is useful. Of course, cows also provide milk and leather, so from a utilitarian purpose, it’s better to farm cows than it is to farm pigs.

Sheep drop no food items at all, so are really only good for wool, which is another topic entirely. Cooked chicken is an option too, however cooked chicken only gives you three hunger points. On the other hand, feathers from chickens are very useful for arrows. Be sure to cook the chicken, as uncooked chicken has a 30% chance of giving you food poisoning!

How To Cook Minecraft Food

All minecraft food is cooked by being placed in a furnace with a fuel source (coal, charcoal, lava bucket, etc.)


It’s so easy to forget fishing in minecraft, but a fishing rod and a pond of water will provide you with all the food you need. If you find yourself in a bind for food, a few sticks and pieces of string will make a fishing rod and then you just need patience.

Other minecraft foods include:

Cakes – Good for having in the larder when you feel like a little snack, cakes provide a total of six hunger points, one per use.
Cookies – Mostly for fun, cookies are not very nutritious.
Rotten Flesh – Nourishes, but poisons. Can be fed to dogs without ill effect.
Spider Eyes – Nourishes a little, poisons a lot.
Mushroom Soup – A good one to make if you visit the nether often. Mushroom soup is made by making a wooden bowl out of three wood planks and placing one red and one brown mushroom vertically above it in the crafting grid.
Melon Slice – Just one health point per melon slice, but a melon will split into several slices, so a melon farm isn’t a bad idea.
Apples – Two hunger points, harvest from apple trees.
Golden Apples- Surround an apple with golden nuggets to create an apple that provides two health points and boosts health regeneration.

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