Two Essential Oblivion Cheating Resources

So you want to learn how to cheat your way through Oblivion? Want to know how to activate god mode? Get infinite money? Generally punch all the faces? Here are two resources I found invaluable in the pursuit of cheating in Oblivion and eventually breaking the game. (Not in the physical sense, rather in the ‘well now I’m a super god everything is boring I guess I’ll go have another existential crisis’ sense.)

Oblivion Cheat Codes (These help you toggle god mode, set the bounty on your character’s head to 0 and generally mess with the world as you know it.)

Oblivion Item Codes (You need these for when you decide that you need 500 potions of strong healing and 5,00,000,000 gold pieces.)

The Sims 3 Hidden Springs World Review

DLC is undeniably the digital documentation of the spawn of the devil, but every time EA comes out with a new world for The Sims 3, I buy it and I download it old school legit styles for the purposes of review, because I know how important it is that we the people know whether or not we should spend our hard earned money on new Sims 3 worlds.

In which I speculate on the content of Hidden Springs and mention the price…

Hidden Springs, a world that allegedly contains the fountain of youth and will allow your sims to remain young forever, is either 2,450 sim points, or 2,250 sim points, depending on whether or not you get it on ‘special’. In real money that works out to 22.50 or 24.50 roughly.

The world comes with over twenty exclusive items, including things that you’ve always desired, like a slightly different letterbox design and a fairly non-descript fountain (probably the fountain of youth, now I think about it.)

There are also alleged new locations, though we’ll see how many of those are actually new locations and not just new rabbit holes to stare at gormlessly whilst your sim disappears inside for a good long while. There’s nothing more demoralizing than realizing you’re spending the precious minutes of your life playing a game in which you are forced to imagine what your character is doing, because the developer decided it would be better to show you a progress bar with a coffee cup above it than bother to create the cafe your sim is in.

In which I first set eyes on Hidden Springs…

One word came to mind when I first laid eyes on Hidden Springs: sparse. Okay, maybe two words. Sparse and spacious. The designers have done a wonderful job of creating the feel of a mountain / lake front town. Sims are going to have to travel great distances to get from one side of Hidden Springs to the other. The dirt roads that connect many of the locations on the outskirts of Hidden Springs are a very nice touch too.

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Silly Mr. Mochi Oblivion Machinima

Like almost everyone else waiting for Skyrim, I’ve been playing Oblivion a lot lately. But not as well as The Ninja Cowboy has been, that’s for sure. This is one Oblivion Machinima you’ll play more than once. Probably. (I found this after googling the term ‘Bored with Oblivion’, and it taught me that any boredom I might be experiencing was my own darned fault.)

How To Mod Minecraft, A Guide For Newbies

If you’re new to modding Minecraft, this guide will help you tell your bin from your .jar and get you started on the road to a whole series of exciting mods, including NPC mods, inventory editing mods and more.

How to Mod Minecraft, Pictorial Guide

Download Mod Loader. Mod Loader is currently the most popular Minecraft modding API and most mods you’ll want to use will require that you use it.

Install Mod Loader. This is very simple and the process you use for installing Mod Loader will be the same process you use for installing most other mods. First of all you’ll want to press Windows + R and type %appdata% into the box that pops up.

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First Taste of Minecraft Rain

I was building my candy themed roller coaster on a beautiful and typically sunny Minecraft day when all of a sudden the sky darkened and rain began to pour. In that moment I  learned that shifts in weather are sudden and violent in this land. The ambiance that comes with the rain is deliciously damp. It made me immediately want to set my tools down and build a shelter of some kind. As I appear to have built my budding amusement park on a storm path, umbrellas will no doubt be in high demand. I shall charge an arm and a leg for them, maximizing profits at the expense of public health and safety.

The rain was morosely beautiful.  I huddled under an overhang and watched it pour down outside, probably soaking into the brightly colored cloth support pillars, rendering them dangerously soggy. Only the foolhardy, the brave and the desperate would ride this ride.

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