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This mod allows you to choose from a whole new (and old) range of world types in the ‘World Type’ selection screen. At the time of writing there are only two world types to choose from in the base game, either ‘Super Flat’ or ‘Default’. Super Flat isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be because it’s only three dirt block thick and contains no biomes (though there are an inordinate number of slimes.)

The mod provides access to world types from past versions of Minecraft, and new world types that have not been conceived of before. It also significantly improves the existing flat land world type by adding bomes and other bits and pieces of interest.

Your world could be:

1.1 Terrain. Kicking it old school.
1.7.3 Terrain (Lots of beaches and whatnottery.)
Skylands! This abandoned realm comes back to life.
Cave World. All is caves.
Strictly Mushrooms. (The whole world is a mushroom biome.)
Ocean Biomes
Melontopia. (Take grass and dirt, remove aforementioned grass and dirt, replace with melons.)
Only Forests. For lovers of forests.
Desert. Self explanatory.
All Mountains. No flat bits!
Plains. No mountainy bits!
Ice Plains. For people who like to recreate Seasonal Affective Disorder in Minecraft.
Ice Mountains. Same sort of thing.
Super Flat. The flat world how it should have been in the first place, with biomes etc.
Netherlands. All is nether.
Dark Forest. Very tall, very dense forest. Can’t see forest for trees.
Lava Oceans. The oceans are lava and everything is on fire. Carry on.

This mod is compatible with Mod Loader, and General Awesomeness.

Download More World Types!

Minecraft Carpet Mod

Turn blocks of wool into carpet with this minecraft mod!

How To Use The Minecraft Carpet Mod

It simply uses something similar to the ‘half block’ technology we’re already familiar with in Minecraft and allows you to craft ‘carpet squares’ out of colored wool. The ‘carpet’ is not nearly as thick as a half block of course, but it is crafted in the same way, with three blocks of wool placed horizontally in the crafting grid resulting in 12 squares of carpet.

Can I Place Items On Carpet?

No. Even though the carpet itself is just a thin layer of wool, it still technically takes up one whole block. This is not a shortcoming of the mod so much as it is a function of the way minecraft works. It’s also the reason why water can’t flow over torches or past ladders.

Does the Carpet Mod require Mod Loader?


Download the Minecraft Carpet Mod.

Don’t. Blink. Minecraft Weeping Angels Mod

Based on the Dr Who TV series, Weeping Angels are everything that Endermen should have been and weren’t. These stone angels won’t wander about in the dark picking up blocks of grass for no apparent reason, they spawn in darkness and freeze when seen. You might be lulled into a false sense of security by the way they stand there stoic and still, appearing entirely lifeless. But once you see one, you cannot take your eyes off of them or they will teleport after you and kill you. Weeping angels can only be destroyed by being mined with a diamond pick axe. Ender Dragons aside, these are, without a doubt, the scariest Minecraft mobs of all time.

Download the Weeping Angels Mod from the Minecraft Forum!

Minecraft Mod: Better Blocks

Ladder Dog

Better Blocks is a simple minecraft mod that increases your block options when playing minecraft with new minecraft fences, new minecraft gates, and new minecraft stairs. It’s one of those mods that’s so close to vanilla in feeling that makes you wonder why the features included in the mod weren’t just put in the game in the first place.

Better Minecraft Gates

Fences have been around for months now, but none of the Mojangles have seen fit to include a gate in any of the updates. Better Blocks includes an option for gates in your fences, as well as introducing a whole new set of fence types, including obsidian fences, iron fences, brick fences, diamond fences and more!

Better Minecraft Slabs

At the moment you can have wood slabs, cobblestone slabs and stone slabs. With the Better Blocks mod you can have all the slabs you ever dreamed of. Brick slabs, mossy cobblestone slabs, wool slabs of all colors.

Better Minecraft Stairs

The mod does the same for stairs that it does for fences and slabs. You can now have stairs of almost any type, including log stairs, woolen stairs, netherrack stairs. The list goes on for almost as many block types as exist in the game.
Ladder Dog commands you to click here to read more and discover his ladder powers!

How To Mod Minecraft, A Guide For Newbies

If you’re new to modding Minecraft, this guide will help you tell your bin from your .jar and get you started on the road to a whole series of exciting mods, including NPC mods, inventory editing mods and more.

How to Mod Minecraft, Pictorial Guide

Download Mod Loader. Mod Loader is currently the most popular Minecraft modding API and most mods you’ll want to use will require that you use it.

Install Mod Loader. This is very simple and the process you use for installing Mod Loader will be the same process you use for installing most other mods. First of all you’ll want to press Windows + R and type %appdata% into the box that pops up.

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