Minecraft Carpet Mod

Turn blocks of wool into carpet with this minecraft mod!

How To Use The Minecraft Carpet Mod

It simply uses something similar to the ‘half block’ technology we’re already familiar with in Minecraft and allows you to craft ‘carpet squares’ out of colored wool. The ‘carpet’ is not nearly as thick as a half block of course, but it is crafted in the same way, with three blocks of wool placed horizontally in the crafting grid resulting in 12 squares of carpet.

Can I Place Items On Carpet?

No. Even though the carpet itself is just a thin layer of wool, it still technically takes up one whole block. This is not a shortcoming of the mod so much as it is a function of the way minecraft works. It’s also the reason why water can’t flow over torches or past ladders.

Does the Carpet Mod require Mod Loader?


Download the Minecraft Carpet Mod.

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