Assassin’s Creed Minecraft Parkour Adventure Map Download

The city of Constantinople lies at your feet, adventurer. Through quick wittedness, agility and fast feet you will uncover the hidden location of the two Masyaf keys whilst becoming familiar with every nook and cranny of the city – as a great assassin needs to be.

Minecraft Golem Mod Download

An adorable series of little clay golems that will follow you about and do battle on your behalf are only a quick mod away! This mod adds craftable golems which, depending on the recipe you use to make them, can shoot arrows, or snowballs or even instantly kill targeted mobs if you have the supplies required to create them.

How To Craft Golems

The simplest clay golem you can make is a plain clay golem. It requires 22 blocks of clay, so you’d better get scouring those riverbeds for the newly ubiquitous clay deposits that can often be found there. You craft the head, torso and legs seperately, then put them all together to form a golem puppet – which spawns a clay golem when clicked. A simple clay golem is pretty much a little humanoid looking dog in terms of its abilities. The golem can be upgraded after basic puppet construction by adding various materials to the crafting grid around

the puppet. Adding eight blocks of snow, for instance, will create a snow golem. Adding three blocks of soul sand, three diamonds and two ghast tears will create an angel golem, which sprints about instantly killing any mob you choose.

With five different golems to choose from, you’ll finally have a reason to go to the nether, smack down ghasts and collect the occasional wart too (for the deamon golem.)

Download Kirwi’s Minecraft Clay Golem Mod!

30 New Biomes! Minecraft Biomes O’Plenty

Tired of having just a few biomes to play in? Sick of going from Jungle to Desert to Grassland with hardly any variation? Well the Biomes A Plenty Minecraft Biome Mod adds thirty new biomes and fourteen new block and plant types, including mud, desert grass, daisies, wildflowers, ash and more. The new biomes range from mountain ranges and watery marshes to scrubland, to red rock desert, wastelands, wetlands and much, much more.

The benefits of additional biomes are numerous. For starters, having a greater range of biomes means that exploration actually has some effect on the game. Though biomes have expanded from what they were in minecraft beta, there’s still a certain ‘sameyness’ that sets in after a while. With more than thirty biomes you’ll always be finding new territory to conquer, new minecraft lands to marvel over.

Download Minecraft More Biomes Mod!

Download Evil Minecraft Mod v0.66

Evil Minecraft is probably, and when I say probably, I mean definitely the most long anticipated minecraft mod of all time. The premise of the mod is simple: it takes ordinary minecraft and makes it evil. Because of the sheer number of changes introduced in the Evil Minecraft Mod, Evil Minecraft is almost less of a mod and more of a rebuild of minecraft as we know it.

Here are some of the changes:

Minecraft Player Races

Simple Steve has been replace with several different races – which means you can now play Minecraft as a Testificate.Each race has it’s own bonuses and drawbacks. A halfling, for instance, moves at a massive 1.1 times the normal speed. (That’s a .1 increase!) An orc, on the other hand, is hated by Iron Golems and will be attacked on sight, but is a faster miner and can both take and deal more melee damage. Swings and roundabouts and all that sort of thing.

Updated Biomes

Naturally occurring half-blocks make running from one place to another easier than ever before. Jungle and snow biomes have been updated significantly. Trees caught in ice biomes become blue and frozen and look awesome. Be careful on cracked ice, it might just break underneath your weight and send you to a watery doom! Grass grows tall and thick in jungle biomes, slowing you down and putting you at risk for things that go boom and hiss and bite.

Abandoned Houses

These decrepit old shacks contain abandoned treasures – and surprises for the unwary traveller who is a little to heavy on their feet.

New Minecraft Mobs!

So many new mobs. Most of them deadly. Some of them super deadly. Mo mobs, mo problems. The new ‘Zero’ hostile ice mob shoots icy bolts guarateed you make you bleed your own blood.

New Block Breaking Mechanics and Animations

In default minecraft you have to finish breaking a block for it to actually stay broken. In Evil Minecraft, blocks save their state changes as they are broken, which means you can stop breaking a block halfway through and the cracked block will sit tight, waiting for you to return to destroy it entirely. Or not.

Why don’t you take a seat over there – minecraft chairs!

Evil Minecraft has bought chairs to the world of minecraft. In this screenshot, you could be sitting on one of two chairs whilst eating a beef sandwhich whilst admiring a diamond in a display case and waiting to open your present.

Minecraft Display Cases

Display anything from a precious diamond to a pork sandwhich in the new display case.

New Minecraft Armor and Weapons!

The evil Minecraft mod adds plate armor to the game. Plate armor is green. There’s also Firestone armor (red) and Ender Dragon armor (black.)
Torches Burn Out!

Notch always intended for torches (the long brown things you can stick into walls or the ground) to burn out, but such was the player outrage that they never implemented the change. Evil Minecraft doesn’t care if you’re enraged. Torches must be lit with a lighter and will burn out after a period of time. If you want a torch that lasts forever, glowstone torches have been added. Glowstone torches never burn out, but you’ll have to visit the nether to get them.


Like little mini dungeons spawning above the surface of the ground, graveyards are the natural home for violent zombies, but they may also hold more than the remains of the dead, they may contain treasure. You do want treasure, don’t you?


Glug. Glug.

Other additions to the game include:

Blood spatters!

Locked (and lockable) chests.
A coin system.
Decorative blocks that can be placed other blocks for that homely ‘sheet rock’ feel.


Minecraft Rideable Dragon Mounts

Ever wished you could actually ride an Ender Dragon outside the nether? Now you can! The rideable dragon mount mod allows you to use the Dragon Egg item to spawn a rideable dragon!

How To Ride A Minecraft Dragon

Step One: Place a dragon egg on the ground. Dragon eggs can be found in creative mode or edited into the game via an inventory editing program like INVEdit or Too Many Items.

Step Two: Right click on the dragon egg whilst holding a saddle. This will spawn a dragon and you will be riding it!

How To Make A Minecraft Dragon Breathe Fire

Feed your dragon with blaze powder to enable its fire breath ability. The ability only lasts five seconds, so keep a store of blaze powder handy if you think you’re going to be razing a lot of villages to the ground.

How To Heal an Injured Minecraft Dragon

When your dragon is injured or hurt, it will lower its head. (The same way dogs lower their tails.) To heal your minecraft dragon, you will need to feed it.

Minecraft dragons like raw foods. Feed raw chicken, fish , pork or beef for five hearts of healing damage. Rotten flesh will heal your dragon for two hearts of damage.

Download Rideable Minecraft Dragons!

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