Minecraft Rideable Dragon Mounts

Ever wished you could actually ride an Ender Dragon outside the nether? Now you can! The rideable dragon mount mod allows you to use the Dragon Egg item to spawn a rideable dragon!

How To Ride A Minecraft Dragon

Step One: Place a dragon egg on the ground. Dragon eggs can be found in creative mode or edited into the game via an inventory editing program like INVEdit or Too Many Items.

Step Two: Right click on the dragon egg whilst holding a saddle. This will spawn a dragon and you will be riding it!

How To Make A Minecraft Dragon Breathe Fire

Feed your dragon with blaze powder to enable its fire breath ability. The ability only lasts five seconds, so keep a store of blaze powder handy if you think you’re going to be razing a lot of villages to the ground.

How To Heal an Injured Minecraft Dragon

When your dragon is injured or hurt, it will lower its head. (The same way dogs lower their tails.) To heal your minecraft dragon, you will need to feed it.

Minecraft dragons like raw foods. Feed raw chicken, fish , pork or beef for five hearts of healing damage. Rotten flesh will heal your dragon for two hearts of damage.

Download Rideable Minecraft Dragons!

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