Minecraft Golem Mod Download

An adorable series of little clay golems that will follow you about and do battle on your behalf are only a quick mod away! This mod adds craftable golems which, depending on the recipe you use to make them, can shoot arrows, or snowballs or even instantly kill targeted mobs if you have the supplies required to create them.

How To Craft Golems

The simplest clay golem you can make is a plain clay golem. It requires 22 blocks of clay, so you’d better get scouring those riverbeds for the newly ubiquitous clay deposits that can often be found there. You craft the head, torso and legs seperately, then put them all together to form a golem puppet – which spawns a clay golem when clicked. A simple clay golem is pretty much a little humanoid looking dog in terms of its abilities. The golem can be upgraded after basic puppet construction by adding various materials to the crafting grid around

the puppet. Adding eight blocks of snow, for instance, will create a snow golem. Adding three blocks of soul sand, three diamonds and two ghast tears will create an angel golem, which sprints about instantly killing any mob you choose.

With five different golems to choose from, you’ll finally have a reason to go to the nether, smack down ghasts and collect the occasional wart too (for the deamon golem.)

Download Kirwi’s Minecraft Clay Golem Mod!

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