30 New Biomes! Minecraft Biomes O’Plenty

Tired of having just a few biomes to play in? Sick of going from Jungle to Desert to Grassland with hardly any variation? Well the Biomes A Plenty Minecraft Biome Mod adds thirty new biomes and fourteen new block and plant types, including mud, desert grass, daisies, wildflowers, ash and more. The new biomes range from mountain ranges and watery marshes to scrubland, to red rock desert, wastelands, wetlands and much, much more.

The benefits of additional biomes are numerous. For starters, having a greater range of biomes means that exploration actually has some effect on the game. Though biomes have expanded from what they were in minecraft beta, there’s still a certain ‘sameyness’ that sets in after a while. With more than thirty biomes you’ll always be finding new territory to conquer, new minecraft lands to marvel over.

Download Minecraft More Biomes Mod!

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