Minecraft Mod: Better Blocks

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Better Blocks is a simple minecraft mod that increases your block options when playing minecraft with new minecraft fences, new minecraft gates, and new minecraft stairs. It’s one of those mods that’s so close to vanilla in feeling that makes you wonder why the features included in the mod weren’t just put in the game in the first place.

Better Minecraft Gates

Fences have been around for months now, but none of the Mojangles have seen fit to include a gate in any of the updates. Better Blocks includes an option for gates in your fences, as well as introducing a whole new set of fence types, including obsidian fences, iron fences, brick fences, diamond fences and more!

Better Minecraft Slabs

At the moment you can have wood slabs, cobblestone slabs and stone slabs. With the Better Blocks mod you can have all the slabs you ever dreamed of. Brick slabs, mossy cobblestone slabs, wool slabs of all colors.

Better Minecraft Stairs

The mod does the same for stairs that it does for fences and slabs. You can now have stairs of almost any type, including log stairs, woolen stairs, netherrack stairs. The list goes on for almost as many block types as exist in the game.

Better Minecraft Ladders

Ladders can be made out of more than one material and can also be placed next to one another to create racks of rungs and climbable walls. Nice.

There’s also a bunch more features including hidden doors, bridges, trapdoors, and more torch placement options. A must have mod for any creative minecrafter who is tired of living the cobblestone and wood nightmare.

The Better Blocks Minecraft Mod

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