SburbCraft, MS Paint, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map

sburbcraft minecraft ms paint adventure map sun rise

Based on the popular MS Paint Adventures, SburbCraft is a minecraft CTM adventure map with more scope than you can shake a shoddily drawn MS Paint stick at. With possibly the best minecraft texture pack in the world, this is is to minecraft maps what an industrial furnace is to your home toaster oven.

Monstrosity, Minectaft CTM Map Download

monstrosity minecraft ctm adventure survival map

This creepy, custom-monster filled minecraft CTM map will have you shaking in your diamond boots. Developed by coldfusion, the map contains sixteen unique locations, a bunch of custom mobs and plenty of custom armor.

From the outset, the map is challenging. I chose the easy setting because difficulty makes me whiny. Then I fell into lava and realized I’d have to re-start the map because all the starting items had burned up. This is the nature of the map. If you don’t watch where you’re going, if you assume that the ground is solid, then you’ll be punished for that. (more…)

Midnight Gloom Minecraft CTM Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

Complete the monument whilst travelling through the Minecraft Gloom, discovering impressive builds from the natural to the iconic. This is a minecraft survival map with a goal. And an abandoned railway. And a really tall tower. And a forest made of creepers and vines. And. And. So many things. It’s beautiful and terrifying all at once. Which is perfect, because being beautiful and terrifying is precisely what minecraft is all about. (more…)

Ruins of the Mindcrackers, Minecraft CTM

ruins minecraft ctm map download

Ruins of the Mindcrackers is a minecraft CTM map download based on the Mindcrackers SMP server. It contains plenty of inside jokes for people who like to have ‘friends’ and ‘play with others’, but it also contains plenty of wonderful builds to explore for people who prefer to be ‘alone’ and ‘play solo’. In many respects, this is a minecraft server map for people who don’t like minecraft multiplayer, because having to deal with other people sort of ruins their day.

Sky Flat Survival, Minecraft CTM \ Sky Survival Map (Now With Custom NPCs!)

skyflat survival, minecraft sky survival map download

I’m going to start this minecraft survival map review with a warning: do not let the poisoned villager out of the solitary village blacksmith’s house. He is not in his right mind and he will run right off the edge of the world if you’re not careful.*

This simple island style of minecraft survival map is by far and away my absolute favorite. I love the simplicty of these maps, as well as the challenge that comes from having limited space and limited resources. Sky Flat is especially challenging as a quick peek over the edge reveals this map to be but one block thick.

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