Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Minecraft Multiplayer Map

I mostly play pure survival maps but occasionally I like to try something a little different. When that something different is the opportunity to crush my enemies using the power of blocks, well, that makes it all the sweeter.

The Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Map consists of two lanes, making this a map for two or more players. Players must stay in their own lane. If the word ‘lane’ suggests a hemmed in experience, do not worry. Both lanes are large enough for teams of multiple players to roam in quite freely for quite a length of time without finding a single scrap of wool. Resources abound, though they have to be harvested and the terrain – though expansive and ever changing, is not always friendly. Monsters, sharp dips and rivers of lava all stand in your way, not to mention broken creeper ladders and more. What is nice about the lane system (and when I say nice, I of course mean, fiendishly clever) is the fact that the scope for offensive action is high. You’re provided with all the weaponry and creeper dust you’ll need to blow the other team away.

If you’re looking for something fast paced, survival based and incorporating mano e mano action, then Spheric Ruins is the map you’ll be wanting for your next multiplayer project.

Download Spheric Ruins Complete The Monument Multiplayer Map

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