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The Ender Scrolls, Minecraft Elder Scrolls Adventure Map Download!

elder scrolls minecraft map download

The Ender Scrolls is a Minecraft Adventure map set in the world of Tamriel. An Elder Scrolls Minecraft map, this mixes the best features of your favourite Bethesda RPG series with all magic of Minecraft. Battle Daedra Endermen, meet members of the mage’s guild, (if you have the aptitude for it) and journey from zone to zone, building up your gear, XP and jump points until you’re the bounciest Minecrafter who ever eldered the scrolls.

Begin your adventure, click here to download the Minecraft Elder Scrolls Map!

Captive Minecraft 3 Download: Rise of Atlantis

new captive minecraft download

The Captive Minecraft series returns with the third downloadable installment: Rise of Atlantis. As with previous captive minecraft games, you begin inside a tiny world with a border just 1 x 1. You are your world. But, as you achieve achievements, the world border expands, opening up new possibilities and access to treasures and rewards beyond your wildest bordermares.



These minecraft horror movies have been hand-picked to deliver the best in minecraft shocks and scares. For best effect, watch in a 1 x 2 square hole without even so much as a torch for company.

Hotel Overlook

Hotels are some of the scariest places known to man. Or is that skeeviest. I forget. Alls I know is I wouldn’t mind if this hotel lost my reservation.

Minecraft Horror Movie: The Movie Of Minecraft Horror

The horror is in the horror.


The Scariest Minecraft Horror Map Download Ever!

minecraft horror scary map download

One of the most popular minecraft horror survival maps of 2014, the Orphanage is enough to scare the blocky blue pants off even the most experienced players. It’s a map packed with twists, turns and jumpscares which have been recorded as being scary enough to make some players stop playing the map altogether. Currently hailed as the scariest minecraft map of all time, this is a must play!

Real life Pro tip: if your car breaks down miles out of town, maybe don’t explore the nearby orphanage made of stone and filled with monsters. Stay in your vehicle and wait for a serial killer. It’s safer that way.

Download this scary minecraft map!

Captive Minecraft Download

Captive minecraft is one of the newest minecraft map sensations. The player begins with just a single block of space to work with, bordered by invisible force-fields which make movement impossible. There is but one way to expand your world and escape the box – to get minecraft achievements. With every achievement, your world expands by a one block radius. Open your inventory and the world gets bigger. Chop wood, and the world expands. Soon you will be adventuring throughout a continuum of exciting locations, exploring secrets, gathering resources and preparing for the final battle!

Download Captive Minecraft!

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