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Cave-In Minecraft Survival Map Download

cave in minecraft map download

The problem with mines is that they’re underground tunnels prone to collapse. The problem with this minecraft map is that you’re at the mercy of the most epic cave-in of all time – a cave in to the very depths of the minecraft earth. This map features an undererground experience twice the size of typical maps, which means you could be trapped down there… forever.

This open-world minecraft survival map has no rules but one: survive.

With dangerous mobs, chasams, canyonds, holes and bedrock to contend with, that won’t be as easy as you might hope.

Download this Minecraft underground survival map!

Inside the Mind of A Lava Mob Minecraft Parkour Map Download

lava mob minecraft map download

A 30 stage minecraft parkour map, Inside the Mind of a Lava Mob is the sort of minecraft map that you’ll play and play and play until you finally rage quit. This minecraft parkour experience involves quite a bit of lava and an epic number of levels, including dropper levels (who doesn’t love dropper maps) speed boost levels, where you must control an avatar which moves faster than your mind can, a couple of ice levels in which things get slippery and a cake stage. (Which may or may not be the proverbial lie.)

Download Lava Mob Minecraft Map!

Star Wars Minecraft Map | Star Wars Movie Map Download

minecraft star wars downloads

Re-creating an entire Star Wars movie in a game isn’t normal, but on Minecraft it is. The very talented Paradise Decay has been making minecraft maps for years, and his latest Minecraft Star Wars project is bigger and better than all that came before.

You can download his Rise of the Rebellion Star Wars Minecraft map by clicking that link what you just read, or you can check out his official blog which contains all sorts of fun minecraft maps and obsessive Star Wars videos, previews, renders and more…

Paradise Decay

Minecraft Pacman Map Download


It’s time to play pac man in minecraft! This excellent map uses the mechanics of the original pac man game to create a sense of horror and terror and general excitement in modern minecraft. We’ve come so far. This minecraft map imports sound effects and music from the original pacman game, but changes things up by creating a game within a game. It’s meta. We love meta things on the internet. And I can’t let this post go by without ressurecting an old meme:


Download Minecraft Pac Man map!

Download Exodus, Minecraft Map!

A complete minecraft adventure map experience in four distinct seasons, Exodus Season One puts you and any friends you’d like to play with in the shoes of reality television show contestants who are put in increasingly difficult situations more likely to result in death for the amusement of a fickle public. Just like real life, but with slightly fewer zombies. (Seriously, there are zombies everywhere these days.)

Unique bosses, scoreboards, viewer opinions and a full host of 1.8 adventure features make Exodus one of the most played, most downloaded, most enjoyed maps of whatever time period you’re currently enjoying.

Download Exodus Minecraft Season Map here!

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