Across the Time, Minecraft Epic Adventure Map Download

A massive open world minecraft adventure map with a main quest, side quests, many puzzles, scripted NPCs and everything we’ve come to expect from people with a fanatical appreciation for command blocks. This map also allows the player to cast spells at a distance, using books to hurl magic at enemies. There are also several boss fights, as well as farmable elites which drop epic loot.

With massive cities, several unique zones and enough quests to keep you playing for hours, you’ll be entertained. But there’s more. No RPG is complete without an economy. While playing Across the Time, Chronoton is your currency. Earn currency by slaying monsters, selling additional gear, and converting XP to Chronoton. Become more than an adventurer. Become a minecraft mogul. Win the world.

A fully realised RPG inside minecraft, Across the Time is a must download!

Download Across The Time Epic Minecraft Adventure Map!

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