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Minecraft Custom Server Map Download

minecraft custom server map download

This extensive 6000 x 4000 minecraft world map download is pretty perfect for anyone looking for a custom built minecraft world with custom built villages. If you’re tired of wandering through ‘randomly generated’ territory it’s time to explore something created a little more intentionally – both with your friends and complete strangers who might happen to stumble on to your server in an eternal search for lava and flint and steel.

minecraft snowy mountain range

Sim City 5 User Manual Leak Confirms In Game Store

sim city 5 store leaked manual

Did you love the way EA took The Sims franchise and turned it into an opportunity for you to buy $5 digital toilets? I sure hope so, because Sim City 5 is headed in precisely the same direction, as evidenced by page nine of a leaked user manual.

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Unwritten: An Indie Game From A Dishonored Developer

unwritten pc game

A randomly generated strategy game in which every single decision you make has an impact on the world in which the game is played, Unwritten is a game that has you build a tribe and lead them through a promised land to meet their god. Created with the same game ethos that made Dishonored an instant classic, Unwritten leaves the fate of everything in the world to the player. Death is permanent, your every choice matters and sometimes there’s no way tell what effects your decisions might have down the track.

Unwritten will be a highly moddable game with developer tools released with it so that interested players wil be able to bend and shape worlds to their own will. This isn’t just a world building game, it is the telling of a deep story, generated anew every time. The force that ultimately shapes your tale is you.

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Epic Tunnels, Minecraft Underground Survival Map

minecraft underground survival map download

You know what’s getting trite in minecraft survival maps? Being able to see the sun. That’s getting really old. This minecraft underground survival map, Epic Tunnels, is completely different – because the entire map takes place below the surface.

But perhaps you think that’s not such a big deal. Perhaps you think you’ll just download the map and tunnel up to the top? Think again! These tunnels are lined with unbreakable bedrock, so you’ll have to get used to surviving down in the very depths of the earth. Time to dust off that degree in minecraft geology, huh?

War To Survive, Minecraft Survival Map

war for survival minecraft super flat survival download

War to Survive is a minecraft superflat survival map with a custom shop built in, so you can trade your way to minecraft survival.

The best feature of this map is the aforementioned shop, which allows you to transform the XP you gain from defeating hostile mobs into valuable items. I think this might actually be the very first minecraft survival map download I’ve ever seen that didn’t come with at least one sapling at the start. So, in a sense you could call this no sapling survival. Or you could call it Bob. That would work too.

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