Tower Survival, Minecraft Survival Map

A new type of minecraft survival challenge, tower survival is simple: survive in a tower.

All the best minecraft survival maps have a simple premise. Sky Block: Survive in the sky. Survival Island: Survive on an island.

Unlike Survival Island and Sky Block, this survival map has an end point. When your tower is fifty blocks high, you can consider yourself to be finished in the goal of surviving. You build your tower by collecting stone bricks from hidden chests located around the small area of forest that is yours to roam. You can gather wood too, but beware that chopping wood is a dangerous game. If distracted you may fall victim to one of the many stray creepers released by the villainous map maker in an effort to undermine your tower building efforts.

You are of course free to impress your own imagination on this map. Your tower is allowed to be as fancy or as simple as you like. If you are accomplished you may create a lava moat. If you are mad, you might build your tower all the way into the fifth dimension.

Download Minecraft Tower Survival Map

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