The Program, Minecraft Survival Map

The Program minecraft survival map takes the minecraft universe and turns it into a metaverse, that is, a world where you must end the simulation that is minecraft by slaying the Ender Dragon. Actually it’s a little more complicated than that. You see a computer has been hacked into your brain.

Your actions in the simulation produced by this computer (aka The Program) will influence the real world because in the real world The End has broken out of The End and is leeching through reality. The only way to stop The End from taking over reality is to kill the Ender Dragon. Still a less convoluted and ridiculous plot than The Matrix.

Before killing the Ender Dragon you must complete certain challenges, like make an animal farm, enchant ‘something’, get 64 pieces of rotten flesh, get every color of wool, the list goes on. So although every second you’re in the simulation is another second that The End is destroying the world, you still have time to collect a rainbow of wool and dye sheep jolly colors and sit around with your thumb up your posterior.

So there we go, save the world and stuff around at the same time! The perfect solution for a gamer.

Download The Program Minecraft Survival Map!

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