The Forgotten Age, Minecraft Lava Island Survival Map Download

You’ve been banished from your kingdom, Harvel, but it’s not so bad. Just complete ten tasks, er, achievements, and you’ll be allowed back in. This isn’t just a good premise for a minecraft map, it could potentially be a brilliant way to revamp the entire justice system.

You might think that getting back to Harvel will be as easy as crafting a wooden boat, sailing there and once there, bludging off the welfare system. As time honored a tradition as that is, unfortunately for you you’ve been banished to an island surrounded entirely by lava. Instead of crafting a boat, you will eventually have to build a log bridge back to the mainland. The king has decreed that it must be a bridge of logs, not planks. He has also decreed that he no longer likes Thursdays and all the brown M&Ms must be removed from a packet of Skittles before they are served to him.

The ten challenges are your standard minecraft survival fare, you know, build a house, build a farm, end the lives of passive mobs in a way that makes you seem less compassionate than Vlad the Impaler. What makes them difficult to achieve is the fact that there is just one tree on this island surrounded by lava, and not all that much dirt either. So good luck getting back to Harvel before Christmas!

Click here to download The Forgotten Age, Minecraft Lava Island Survival Map!

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