The Cubes, Minecraft CTM Survival Map Download

Oh minecraft survival cubes. They’ve all been done before. But not like this:

Oh my! This is a desert like none seen before. Look at those towering pillars of sand. Now look again and realize that this is a CTM (complete the monument) map and realize that there’s probably something valuable under all those tonnes of silica and ground rock. Hope you’ve got a shovel at the ready. Or fifty.

But that’s not all! Look at this cube, where nether ghasts spawn and throw balls of fire at you as you attempt to traverse narrow bedrock beams of safety in order to what? Get to the other side? Save the world? Uncover the holy grail? No! Complete the monument!

What seems to be nothing more than yet another cube based survival map has been turned into a test of endurance, grit and fire dodging. There’s also something about the existance of a king, but who needs kings when you have 64 double chests of sand, each filled with 128 stacks of 64 blocks of sand, making for a whopping 524, 288 cubic meters of the yellow stuff! And that’s just two of the cubes you’ll have to survive out of a possible five. Are you ready? No. You’re not ready. You’re not ready because nothing can possibly prepare you for this.

Download The Cubes, Existence of a King, Minecraft CTM Survival Map!

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