Survival Inverse, A Minecraft Survival Map Download For 1.4

One of the most visually stunning minecraft survival maps for 1.4, Survival Inverse takes the normal survival scenario and tips it on its head. Here you must survive amidst vast columns of water, not unlike Moses parting the Red Sea. It should be easy to survive on the sea floor, where the trees are made of diamond and stone and the walls are comforting bedrock. Unfortunately these things are never as easy as they seem, especially when it comes time to try to make some kind of farm. What is this, a survival map for Breathatarians?

The map is filled with all kinds of challenges, challenges that offer you unique opportunities to fall into lava, or be brained by a passing squid.

This is a survival map full of secret nooks and crannies and secrets that can only be uncovered by boldly exploring the quite frankly dangerous terrain. OSHA would never approve this map as a mine, let me tell you that. Far too many zombies and not a hard hat in sight. To be frank, this isn’t so much a survival map as an incredibly dangerous series of underground cavern tubes littered with hostile mobs and the occasional useful potion or item of armor. This ain’t your ‘build a wheat farm’ survival map. Play at your own risk.

Download Inverse Survival, Minecraft Survival Map For 1.4!

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