Stonecraft, Minecraft Survival Map Download

I don’t know about you, but I like my minecraft survival maps sparse. I like them hot and dry. I want to feel my lips crack as my tongue swells with dehydration. From the moment I spawned in Stonecraft, I knew I was in for a challenge. Like me, you’ll be greeted with an almost alien landscape where sand and stone reign supreme. The only green you’ll find hereabouts are the cacti and well, they ain’t exactly good eating now, are they?

Perhaps you’re hoping for a starting chest to get your adventure off on the right foot. Well think again partner, there are a couple of chests, but they don’t contain much in the way of survival supplies – unless you reckon chewing the leather pants will provide you with nutrition.

Of course, if you happen to turn around from the spawn point, you’ll spot a small oasis of grass in the middle of the big island. That means you’ve got enough dirt to fill your belly for a month – or until the first livestock magically spawns, just the way real animals don’t.

If you play this map on anything other than peaceful, you’re going to have a hard time. And don’t even begin to think about changing your game mode to creative and hacking yourself some enchanted diamond armor in, because cheats have been disabled. You have to do this the old fashioned way, crying and swearing whilst being exploded at regular intervals.

Download Stone Craft 2 Minecraft Survival Map!

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