Skull Island, Minecraft Survival Island Map Download

Survive! On an island! The island is a skull! That’s basically the gist of this map, which is a survival island style map mainly made awesome by the fact that it also happens to be a finely crafted representation of the human skull, complete with flaming sinus cavities.

One ocular cavity contains a lake, which can be fished from and farmed around, the other is a forest. These are problems that no real world optometrist could fix – but you can work with it, o minecraft survivalist.

Rotting teeth made of gravel and soft clay teach a valuable cautionary lesson about the importance of dental hygiene, whilst also providing a fun spot to leap into the waters below.

This is the perfect survival island for anyone wanting to do a pirate themed let’s play, or simply create pirate themed builds. It’s also a good little survival map, though the ubiquitous wood and excessive space mean that survival is not a terribly difficult challenge.

Download Skull Island Minecraft Survival Island Map

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