Where Is The Stardew Valley Mine? | How To Mine in Stardew Valley

stardew valley how to mine

Mining is one of the primary skills in Stardew Valley, and a great way to make money, but where is the Stardew Valley mine?

where is the stardew valley mine

The Stardew Valley mine can be found in the upper north east corner. It is unlocked once a landslide above the carpenter’s occurs. You will notice that you are now able to access the railway area after this event, which happens about five days into the game.

Mining is simple. Use your pickaxe and hit the rocks. Note that mines contain dangerous enemies (monsters which will also drop loot) so you don’t just have to watch out for dwindling energy levels, but also your health status. There are several levels of mine, and to mine larger or more valuable rocks, you will need to upgrade your pickaxe.

Mines contain not just stone, but ores and barrels which can be broken with your axe for more rare rewards.

How To Catch Fish In Stardew Valley

how to fish stardew valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley isn’t easy, but there is one little trick you can use when trying to make the fishing meter stay below the fish and bring it to the surface. This minigame is essentially a challenge of keeping the green indicator (float) just below the fish. The fish will move up and down the meter, but if you can keep your indicator (which will naturally sink, but rise quickly with the tap of the mouse) on the fish.

catching fish stardew valley

It’s tempting to use fast clicks to make the indicator stay with the fish, but short sharp mouse taps make the indicator rise too quickly and you will lose your fish. Instead try pressing the mouse button down for longer, which slows the rise of the indicator and makes it much easier to keep the float near the fish. There’s also a timed component to fishing, which means if you mess up the position of the float too many times, you lose the fish anyway.

Practicing with the length of time you hold the mouse button down will increase your rate of fishing success, but fishing is hard nevertheless. It’s a skill you’ll have to actually physically refine, which makes the game a real challenge with actual player skills to master. Or a rage quit inducing torture fest. It depends on your perspective.

How To Fly Elytra Minectaft Elytra Tips

aka: Why do I keep falling instead of flying with my Elytra?

Finding yourself plummeting from the sky screaming instead of soaring with your minecraft Elytra? That’s because of a simple change to the game mechanics. Used to be Elytra only had to be equipped in the chest slot before you took a dive off a cliff. Now you need to press the spacebar (or your jump button) while in mid-air to activate your wings. If you simply run off high places, cruel gravity takes hold.

Invictus, Three Dimensional Minecraft Maze Map Download

invictus minecraft maze download

A minecraft maze so difficult it makes 3 out of 5 players cry. That’s a statistic I just made up, but you can decide for yourself whether you have what it takes to navigate this minecraft maze map, which is not just horizontal as so many of our common earth mazes are, but also vertical. Should you go left? right? up? down? Literally nobody knows. Except the people that do! Getting lost in a Pyramid dungeon will be absolute cake after surviving the great maze of Invictus.

Click here to download Invictus minecraft maze map!

How To Make An Elytra | How To Craft Minecraft Elytra Wings!

Elytra are equippable wings which allow the player to fly (or more specifically, glide) in Minecraft. To use an Elytra, you must equip it in your chest slot, climb to a height of at least four blocks, and jump. Flight is controlled by the left / right, up / down keys.

minecraft elytra crafting recipe

A new Elytra can be crafted from two damaged pairs of Elytra, however the Elytra itself is not currently craftable in survival mode, rather it is one of minecraft’s found items. Elytra may be found in END cities, specifically, they are within item frames aboard END ships.

end ship elytra wings

Flying with Elytra wings in minecraft!

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