It is exactly this good.

The Vive is everything I ever wanted. Everything I ever dreamed. I have never been so happy to smash my hand into the wall by accident, or to feel vaguely nauseous after 0.2 seconds of emulated Minecraft VR (Minecraft may be the ultimate VR test. It may also replace that swingy arm simulator thing they use for training astronauts. And all other emetics.)

The price has dropped by 25% already, just nine months after release, and a few months ahead of titles like Fallout 4 for VR are due to be released. Fallout 4 bored the brains out of me (if you’re careless enough to let a mad scientist steal your baby, you may as well let him keep him) but I can’t wait to stand in the wasteland of infinite radiant AI quests and test my mettle against all the enemies which will have no chance against me because I will be toggling god mode just as soon as the game loads.

The best game thus far in my week of playthrough is two different games.


A guy lost 50 pounds playing soundboxing, I just lost my mind, flailing around my office like someone whose seizure medication just wore off. If I have one complaint its that there aren’t enough filters on the beatmaps yet, and apparently most soundboxers just can’t get enough of manga music, so scrolling through endless high pitched songs danced by cartoons gets tedious for those of us who are looking for good solid beats, like EYE OF THE TIGER. Leaderboards make things fun, climbing to the top of the Soundboxing dominance heirarchy with your punching fists.


Very cartoony, very simple, very good. There are lots of shooting games available for VR and most of them are visually impressive and mechanically lacking. This game strikes that and reverses it, and holy heck is it fun tossing T-bone cuts of meat into hordes of zombie cut outs to blast them away with grenades and other unlockables.

Minecraft Remote Control Car Mod

Have fun driving an RC car in minecraft! This remote control car mod allows you to explore dangerous places without risking your own blocky neck. Minecraft modder Mr Crayfish, the gamer who bought you dabbing in minecraft, and the minecraft furniture and painting mods has done it again with this mod which adds a remote control car to minecraft. Planned updates include more car models, different attachments, and the possibility of RC car battles in minecraft!

Downloads for this mod to be available here!

Crashy Road, Minecraft GTA5 Map Download

Play Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft with Crashy Road, a Minecraft GTA 5 style map which lets you drive several different kinds of cars (yes, minecraft cars) through a destructible world, avoid cops (and wool helicopters) and win rewards through a play to win lottery system whic will enable you to add new vehicles to your minecraft garage.

Download This Minecraft GTA 5 Map!

Best Minecraft Map Seed For Minecraft 1.10, Two Village Spawns, Minecraft Horse Spawn, Minecraft Temple Spawn! 3 in 1

minecraft village map seed 1.10

This minecraft seed will spawn you near a village complete with a desert temple half buried beneath it, and a second village to the east. In addition to having two villages within walking range of the spawn point, this minecraft seed also spawns you next to a herd of horses AND a pack of wolves. This is the perfect minecraft seed for anyone looking to start a fun minectaft survival map.


Stardew Valley Fishing Mod Download

Fishing is too hard in Stardew Valley. Here’s a mod which makes fishing easier by making the fish less likely to zoom up and down the bar, and which makes the movements they do make slower and smoother so you actually have a hope of being able to catch them before the timer runs out. Installing the mod is as easy as replacing the fish.nxb file, following the instructions on the mod page.

Click here to download the Stardew Valley Easy Fishing Mod!

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