How To Fly Elytra Minectaft Elytra Tips

aka: Why do I keep falling instead of flying with my Elytra?

Finding yourself plummeting from the sky screaming instead of soaring with your minecraft Elytra? That’s because of a simple change to the game mechanics. Used to be Elytra only had to be equipped in the chest slot before you took a dive off a cliff. Now you need to press the spacebar (or your jump button) while in mid-air to activate your wings. If you simply run off high places, cruel gravity takes hold.

Invictus, Three Dimensional Minecraft Maze Map Download

invictus minecraft maze download

A minecraft maze so difficult it makes 3 out of 5 players cry. That’s a statistic I just made up, but you can decide for yourself whether you have what it takes to navigate this minecraft maze map, which is not just horizontal as so many of our common earth mazes are, but also vertical. Should you go left? right? up? down? Literally nobody knows. Except the people that do! Getting lost in a Pyramid dungeon will be absolute cake after surviving the great maze of Invictus.

Click here to download Invictus minecraft maze map!

How To Make An Elytra | How To Craft Minecraft Elytra Wings!

Elytra are equippable wings which allow the player to fly (or more specifically, glide) in Minecraft. To use an Elytra, you must equip it in your chest slot, climb to a height of at least four blocks, and jump. Flight is controlled by the left / right, up / down keys.

minecraft elytra crafting recipe

A new Elytra can be crafted from two damaged pairs of Elytra, however the Elytra itself is not currently craftable in survival mode, rather it is one of minecraft’s found items. Elytra may be found in END cities, specifically, they are within item frames aboard END ships.

end ship elytra wings

Flying with Elytra wings in minecraft!

Minecraft Banner Maker Tool

minecraft banner maker toolThis free minecraft tool helps you design cool minecraft banners and gives you the recipes needed to make your designed banner in minecraft, so you don’t have to waste materials in game trying to get the banner you want. It will also generate /give /setblock and /replaceitem commands so you can use them in game to immediately fabricate your new banner.

Click here to use the Minecraft Banner Generator!

Fallout Shelter Game Download

Create your own Fallout vault in preparation for the launch of Fallout 4 in November. This sim style creation allows you to control and create your very own vault, leveling up rooms and more. If you’ve ever wanted to run your own little underground world, this is your chance! Lead your dwellers to glory by protecting the vault, growing the vault and potentially saving the world! If you get bored of staying safe inside the shelter, there’s a wasteland full of dangers to explore.

Download the official Fallout Shelter mobile app here!

fallout shelter online download

fallout shelter play online

fallout shelter game download

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