Inkstar, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map

Woah. From the very first inkling of the very first screenshot of the Inkstar minecraft adventure map one can’t help but be blown away by the scale, intricacy and sheer design chops displayed in this map’s builds. It puts most other minecraft maps to shame, it puts most real world buildings to shame. It puts shame to shame, that’s how incredibly impressive this adventure download is.

This map is so large, so incredibly complex that the creator recommends Optifine be used to run it. It also comes with a custom texture pack to show the builds in their best light. (Optifine will also assist in running the 32x textures that are bundled with the map download.)

How did such a fantastic minecraft world come into existence? Why, dragons made it of course. That explains the scale of things, although I’m not entirely convinced that dragons have the opposable claws necessary to realistically build these monuments to dragon architecture.

This map is so large that it comes with not one, but two downloadable maps to help you navigate around the place (one of which is over 5000 px wide, over twice the size of your average monitor) as you take a tour of a minecraft world that will make all your builds seem like dirt shacks in comparison. That’s what I look for in a minecraft world download, something that makes me feel about as creative as some mud on a stick. Some of the cities in this map are so large it is actually impossible to render them all at once, even from the giddy heights of the sky.

But it’s not just epic builds that make this map fun, it’s also the technical aspects that are impressive. As in Bethesda RPGs, fast travel has been added to the game, simply reach a fast travel pillar and right click it in order to activate a fast travel point. This saves days of traipsing back and forth between points because you forgot your enchanted sword in another castle.

This is definitely a must play, and it is almost certainly one of the best minecraft 1.4 adventure maps out to date.

Download Inkstar, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map!

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