Biome Clock Minecraft Survival Map

Finally! A minecraft survival map with an original premise! The Biome Clock survival features several distinct biomes (desert, fields, jungle, etc). Now that in itself isn’t original, but what is original is the ‘clock’ feature. Each biome is connected by a lava filled bridge that is only open for ten minutes every hour. Which means you have to plan out your survival tactics in order to gather enough resources in those ten minutes to tide you over for another fifty.

So unlike other chunk based biome minecraft maps, instead of simply building several bridges and calling it a day, you slowly build your survival empire, choosing one place to make a base and gathering resources from all around.

Foolish chicken! Those walls are soon to close in upon thee!

In addition to the thrill of limited resources and limited time is the thrill of rushing across the bridges, not being sure if you have time or not. Will you make it? Or have you cut your run too close and will your precious resources – the ones you just spent an hour gathering, be burned along with you?

For a solid minecraft survival experience with an exciting twist, download Biome Clock Minecraft Survival Map!

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