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How To Craft Minecraft Stained Glass

minecraft stained glass how to

The minecraft stained glass recipe is fairly simple. All you need are eight glass blocks (craftable by smelting sand blocks) and one item of any colored dye. Place the eight blocks around the perimeter of the crafting grid, then place the dye in the middle. Boom! You got yourself eight stained glass blocks.

To make stained glass panes, you need to take your stained glass blocks and place six of them horizontally across the bottom of the crafting grid. This means that from eight blocks of plain glass and one piece of dye, you can create sixteen panes of stained minecraft glass.

Minecraft Battleship Minigame Download

Let’s play Battleships! In Minecraft! This minigame requires no mods and involves plenty of explosions, so Michael Bay will be playing it day in and day out until he discovers some minecraft transformers!

Download this Minecraft Battleship Minigame!

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The Best Top Minecraft Maps of 2013

2013 is almost behind us, so what were the very best and most popular minecraft maps this year?

sky den minecraft map download

#1 Sky Den, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

Revolutionizing Minecraft Sky Survival, Sky Den took the simply Sky Block style minecraft map and turned it on its head, adding NPC’s, multiple quests, challenges of all kinds and a full roster of building materials and items so you don’t feel deprived whilst stuck up there in the sky. Sky Den was a minecraft survival map designed to be built forever. The only limit was your imagination and that cramping feeling in your left hand.

sky butter epic jump minecraft map

#2 Sky Butter Epic Jump Minecraft Map

Epic Jump minecraft maps became really popular in 2013, taking minecraft parkour to a new level. The most popular Epic Jump Map released in 2013 was the Sky Butter map, in which your score was butter and the points didn’t matter. It contained custom mobs, like the Minecraft Butter Creeper, and was adrenaline charged and scary enough to make grown men shriek so loudly every dog in my house flipped out. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

the dropper 2 minecraft map download

#3 The Dropper 2, Newton vs Darwin Minecraft Map

Newton took on Darwin in this dropper map, another popular form of Minecraft map in 2013. Dropper maps involve doing nothing but falling, which sounds easy enough, but usually ends up with the player braining themselves on a bit of wood and having to start all over again. The Dropper 2 was played by the Yogscast, controversial minecraft mavens, and soon became a hit with even the lowliest of minecraft peons who liked falling quite a lot.

Race For Wool Minecraft Map Downloads

race for the wool minecraft map

Wool Warfare is the most exciting Minecraft RFW map, made by Krose. Like many other minecraft racing maps, the basic premise is to make your way from one side of a map to the other, avoiding traps and dodging enemy projectiles. That’s right, Wool Warfare now allows you to hurl arrows into the blocky avatar faces of people who once regarded you as a friend. Win the game by getting to the wool first. It’s that simple. It’s that difficult.

Download Wool Warfare, Minecraft Race For Wool Map!

Orrr if you want to get Yoggy with it, you can watch the Yogscast play their own RFW maps with all their hilarious Britishness.

Check out the Vechs’ Super Hostile Race for Wool Map!

Azeroth in Minecraft | Full WoW Minecraft Map

Orgrimmar - Imgur

All of Azeroth, the world of warcraft, is now available as a minecraft map download. Check out the Horde city of Ogrimmar pictured above! With all of Azeroth lovingly rendered as a minecraft map, now you can let your subscription lapse and wander in a WoW free of NPCs, murlocks and ganking PvP’ers who do it for the lulz.

Download the minecraft World of Warcraft map!

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