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Holes, Minecraft Game Map Download

This multiplayer minecraft game is as easy as falling in a hole. Seriously. All you have to do is find the color hole that corresponds to your chosen color and fall in it. Do it eight times before anyone else does, and you win. Of course, not every hole is easy to find – and your opponents may decide that the best form of hole defense is hole attack.

Download Minecraft Holes here!

Floating Japanese Sky City Minecraft

minecraft japanese city

Watch this floating Japanese city take shape in minecraft on Twitch.tv

Phantom Protocol Sequel Chinese Minecraft Adventure Map Download

phantom protocol minecraft download

Visit Shanghai in Minecraft! This Chinese minecraft map is the sequel to the popular Phantom Protocol Minecraft Adventure Map. This map comes with a special resource pack for download, including dialog and other adventure elements which will speed you on your quest. Currently updated to Minecraft 1.6, coming soon for Minecraft 1.7.

Download the Phantom Protocol Shanghai Minecraft Map!

shanghai minecraft

How To Craft Minecraft Stained Glass

minecraft stained glass how to

The minecraft stained glass recipe is fairly simple. All you need are eight glass blocks (craftable by smelting sand blocks) and one item of any colored dye. Place the eight blocks around the perimeter of the crafting grid, then place the dye in the middle. Boom! You got yourself eight stained glass blocks.

To make stained glass panes, you need to take your stained glass blocks and place six of them horizontally across the bottom of the crafting grid. This means that from eight blocks of plain glass and one piece of dye, you can create sixteen panes of stained minecraft glass.

Minecraft Battleship Minigame Download

Let’s play Battleships! In Minecraft! This minigame requires no mods and involves plenty of explosions, so Michael Bay will be playing it day in and day out until he discovers some minecraft transformers!

Download this Minecraft Battleship Minigame!

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