2D Minecraft, Minecraft Survival Map

2D Minecraft is a minecraft survival map in which one dimension has been removed entirely. You want to work with length, width and height? Ha! Such decadence will not be tolerated in the two dimensional regime. In 2D minecraft survival you’ll work with just length and height. Those are all the dimensions you’ll need.

What sets this map apart from other similar maps, like the renowned Ant Farm Survival is the scope of the map. Instead of boxing you into a small space, this map lets you roam freely through all sorts of terrain -it’s just no wider than two blocks at any given point. Even with view settings set to super-uber-distant and panning out to a great distance, it was only possible to capture a portion of the map in the above screenshot.

You’ve been given a home where the zombies roam and where the only way to get around dangerous obstacles is to follow the old tune: if you can’t get over it, go under it – because there sure ain’t any way around it.

Download 2D Minecraft Survival Map!

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