Zombie Survival Minecraft Map

Zombie Survival is a map with a simple premise.You’re stuck in a house with zombies. A lot of zombies. So there we go. You can try to survive, or try to be eaten. Either way you’re going to have a whole lot of fun hacking, slashing and screaming your way through waves of zombies, skeletons and spiders – because no day is complete without some jerk levitating through an open window and trying to end you.

In the tradition of many great horror movies, you could avoid the zombie onslaught by just leaving the house, but you’re not going to do that because that would spoil all the fun. And because you can’t. More on that later. You’re asked to play on ‘Hard’ mode because the creators feed on your screams and because that way the zombies can break down the doors you’re trying to hide behind.

Rewards are few and far between, but if you’re quick enough to collect the XP points dropped by the mobs you’ve killed then you might just be able to enchant your weapons. Do you enchant early and use low level power to grind away at your assailants? Or do you save up the enchants and use them when you really need them for the end? You decide. You’re also awarded a diamond at the end of every round, so that should help keep your spirits up.

A word of advice, press the ‘spawn’ and ‘start’ levers before you enter the house, it’s pretty much impossible to get out of the house through the doors once you enter because it turns out that you live in the house equivalent of a Chinese finger trap.

Download Zombie Survival Minecraft Map!

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