Top Ramen, Minecraft 1.4 Adventure Map

Top Ramen took several minutes to download. That should be an indication of its size, which is large. Though it is compatible with the latest minecraft release, the format is pre-anvil, so it needs some converting time. Factor that in if you’re experiencing insatiable minecraft adventure cravings.

The usual adventure caveats apply, don’t place blocks, don’t break blocks, don’t craft blocks. But the maker has not gone so far as to actually setting the map in adventure mode, so if you like to rebel against the world at large, you can break and place and craft until the cows come home.

It’s not immediately apparent what’s going on in this adventure map, nor is it apparent what you’re supposed to be doing. In that sense, this is rather an existential experience, evoking the same questions that every young human asks themselves. Why am I here? Is there a point to all of this? Why is this building on fire?

In spite of the lack of obvious story line, one rather finds oneself drawn into the world of Top Ramen, a world where sense is what you make of it and parkour challenges are as frustrating as ever. I will give the creator serious props for creating timed stair mazes however, that was interesting enough to be sort of fun, although being repeatedly nudged in the face with netherbrick quickly looses its charm.

Top Ramen is an adventure map that feels less like an adventure map and more an afternoon stroll with an older sibling who keeps saying ‘can you do this? how about this? look over there!’ and then pushing you into lava. It’s a lot of fun, but you’re mildly confused and a little bit annoyed a great deal of the time.

Download Top Ramen, Minecraft Adventure Map For Minecraft 1.4!

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