The Forgotten Land Minecraft Survival Map

This massive minecraft survival map contains six custom made dungeons and an epic sweeping landscape that will bring tears to your eyes. This is more of a minecraft continent survival map than a minecraft island survival map. Every inch of the forgotten land, or chunk as it were, has been handcrafted. The result is a custom built minecraft map where the terrain itself is part of the adventure.

With breathtaking mountain ranges and smaller details like rural lakes set amidst grasslands, The Forgotten Land isn’t a survival map you’re going to build a cobblestone generator on and quit, it’s a map you’re quite possibly going to want to live in for quite some time.

This land, although forgotten, positively teems with life and possibilities. You could become an old mountain hermit, or found a great city of villagers and Iron Golems in these pristine lands.

Even the simple act of traversing and circumnavigating the map is a survival adventure in its own right, because the map is so large that it will be many, many days before you see a significant portion of the lands you have laid claim to.

This is an exceptional minecraft map, perfect for survivalists, explorers and people who just don’t feel right unless they’re breaking new ground.

Click here to download The Forgotten Land Minecraft Survival / Adventure Map!

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