Taco Taco Taco! Taco Minecraft Maps


Tacos are not to be trusted. Especially when you’re minecraft adventuring through their deliciously meaty insides. As a personal rule, I don’t trust anything made of meat. This legendary minecraft Taco related series is now entering its third iteration, which means you can download three minecraft taco maps at a single time, creating a delicious meal of minecraft goodness.

Taco 1

headless creeper taco

The original Taco Abduction minecraft map. Featuring a creeper missing the top half of its head to create what those in some continents call brain dip. Mmm brains.

Taco 2

taco sour cream maze

Focusing more on taco realism, Taco Abduction Part Deux features a sour cream maze.

Taco 3

taco bell minecraft

Taco UPRISING! Tacos ride again in this minecraft download featuring popular real world logos. I’m talking Taco Bell, baby. This is Taco Parkour like you ain’t never seen before, except maybe for that one time you sort of did, but you can’t really remember and anyway, isn’t it dinner time?

By the power of Taco it is!

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