Survival Island Reborn Minecraft Map

A minecraft map maker with a true passion for survival map islands has created a minecraft survival island map that has earned its name. Survival Island Reborn is a survival island map made with all the new minecraft features. Like you know, potions and enchanting and Herobrine’s pants and that sort of thing. It’s better than the old survival island because it enables greater options in your survival life, like visiting a custom made hell plane.

There are many challenges, challenges galore, including challenges that involve secret space meteorites. If that’s not the sort of challenge that interests you, you might be a little dead on the inside. You should probably have that looked at.

If you’re looking for a survival island experience that will test your survival skills in an isolated environment and doesn’t coddle you with unecessary grass and saplings from the get go, then Survival Island Reborn might just be the map you’ve been waiting for all this time.

Download Survival Island Reborn Minecraft Map

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