Skylight, A New Minecraft Sky Island Map Download

minecraft skylight sky survival map download

Sky Island maps are ubiquitous, but not all of them are good. Not all of them carefully secrete all the tools and materials needed for a complete play through of the game which will allow the player to first escape to the Nether, and then back to the world of the real. Skylight isn’t just a rip off of every other Sky Island map, it’s a thoughtful addition to the sky survival genre.

At first glance, it seems as though the small islands which greet the player upon spawning are too small to be anything other than the seeds of cobblestone generation. What makes the initial stages of gameplay less tiresome than in some sky survival maps is the fact that there’s enough dirt to get started with. I like dirt. It makes a good farm.

But these islands are not without dangers. Death comes at a high price, ie, falling forever through the void with death messages repeating for all infinity. The only way to avoid that fate is to stay alive long enough to make a bed and lie in it. Once that’s done you can plummet off the side of the world all you like.

This is a fun sky survival map with plenty of scope for creative players who enjoy maps they can really make their own. The basic elements of survival are not too easy to come by, if you set your difficulty to anything other than peaceful you may find yourself starving to death.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Download Skylight, Minecraft Sky Island Map!

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