Skycore, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

skycore minecraft survival island map

Are you ready for another iteration of the famous minecraft sky survival maps of yore? (And by yore, I of course mean, 2011.) This map involves named sheep eggs and pink and blue dyes – because what previous minecraft sky survival maps have been missing is colored sheep.

Another point of difference is the fact that this is the tightrope and net version of Skyblock – meaning that your Sky Island isn’t quite as high up as it usually would be. Forget about the dangers of the void, the worst thing that will happen to you if you fall off this minecraft survival island is your feet getting wet. Quite wet, but still, wet.

There’s rather a lot of water in this map. First there’s the ocean, then there’s the island itself, which is 50% water by surface volume and then there’s the rain falling on the limited plain. Having a couple of colorful sheep around also makes the experience a little less lonely, and provides you with two mouths to feed. It also gives you the opportunity to play with minecraft genetics, which state that you have a 50:50 chance of getting a pink or blue sheep baby. Sheepling. Lamb.

There is also a custom made cave, which enables you to gather your own resources if you want to go ahead and make yourself a cobblestone generator. This is a simple survival map, and it’s certainly not 100% original, but it works in all the ways a good survival island map should. There is the ceremonial removal of the single tree, followed by the planting of the saplings. Then there is the hollowing out of the island, the removal of precious resources, the taming of the wilde isle and the creation of a world beyond its limited shores. It’s fun.

Download Skycore Minecraft Sky Survival Map!

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