Skeeto’s Rugged Horizons, Minecraft CTM Survival Map Download

rugged horizons minecraft sky world ctm survival map

This is a skylands survival type CTM map, so you’ll have to avoid the void whilst searching for wool. This is a CTM survival map in the true sense of the word. Crafting is allowed and extensive use of Command Blocks means that you never know what’s going to happen next.

minecraft sky ctm map download

There are plenty of interesting locations to explore in this CTM map, from the blue castle island to the sailing ship ready to set out into the great blue yonder. And beyond it all, waiting for your explorations to bear fruit, is the monument, the monument that yearns to be completed.

minecraft sky ship survival map download

In addition to the larger, more obvious builds, there are plenty of smaller nooks and crannies to explore. Teleportation plays a significant role in this map, as does creeping along the edges of ledges. There are many sky islands to explore, some of which can be simply built towards and others of which can only be accessed through the miracles of the command block.

minecraft sky island ctm survival map download

Plenty of clay means plenty of easy opportunities to build and create. This isn’t what I’d call a super hostile CTM map, it’s actually a rather friendly CTM map, if you don’t count the attempt to actually find the monument you’re supposed to be completing. There are also plenty of special puzzles to complete, including an entire set of puzzle islands, where every island is a quandary and even the instructions don’t always help.

This is a fun, very well built minecraft CTM map and it’s very visual appealing as well. It’s also a pretty gentle introduction to the CTM genre, so if you found Vechs’ super hostile series a little too super hostile, this minecraft map is a little more Nintendo about things, fun for all the family and with a bunch of cute buildings to distract from the fact you just fell. Again.

Download this Skylands minecraft ctm map!

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