Silverfish Apocalypse Minecraft Survival Mini Game Map Download

Silverfish Apocalypse is a minecraft survival map with one simple goal: survive from the top of the map to the bottom of the map whilst hoards upon hoards of silverfish nibble away at your shiny diamond armor. Can you swing a sword quick enough to save yourself? To the victor goes a freshly baked cake. To the loser goes a death under a pyramid of creepy crawly wriggly piggly silverfish with an insatiable appetite for you.

Most survival maps wouldn’t dream of supplying diamond armor at the very outset, let alone golden apples of myth and yore that not only add health, but increase health regeneration so you can take more hits and keep on fighting. In Silverfish Apocalypse, these are necessary items for your survival.

For fast paced, terrifying down to the wire action…

Click here to download Silverfish Apocalypse, Minecraft Mini Game!

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