Return of the Wither Boss, Minecraft RPG Adventure Map Download

Every 50 Years The Wither Boss Returns, and every fifty years some poor soul / great hero, is chosen to go forth and battle the Wither Boss and send him / her / it back to its wither-y tomb for another fifty years. This time it is your turn, and putting the Wither Boss down is not going to be an easy task. You must leave your sky village and venture forth to lands below, which is a heck of a relocation just for starters. Then there’s finding someone to cover the rent whilst you’re gone… getting enough emeralds to trade with villagers along the way… and trying to get medical insurance when your chosen profession is ‘Boss Hunter’ well, even Obamacare doesn’t cover that.

But seriously, or not seriously as the case may be, this is an epic adventure you’re setting out on, so don’t forget to gather supplies before you leave. That means gathering up all your Conversation and not leaving it in the chest with a quizzical look.

A series of mini-games and side quests not only entertain the player, but provide item rewards that will ensure you are not immediately slain by the Wither on sight. Play the map well and you will be prepared for the final boss. Rush through the main story line like someone who only came in to the supermarket for bread, and you’ll be crushed by an unexpectedly devastating loaf.

This adventure map has a whole lot of traditional RPG elements, including the much loved fetch quests – because who doesn’t like falling out of the sky and immediately setting about collecting empty metal buckets? You, that’s who! The side-quests do genuinely come in handy however, I almost immediately found that I had sufficient diamonds to play the first of many mini-games, in this case, the mining game. I was reminded a great deal of the Zelda series whilst playing this map, colorful characters cheerfully instructing me in the ways of inane past times whilst in the near future, the destruction of the entire planet was at hand.

Economics are quite important in this game however, so be careful with your emeralds. It might seem like fun to play games, but when it comes time to buy a map fragment and you discover that you left all your emeralds in the clammy grip of a sideshow attendant, well, that’s a tedious feeling.

What else? What not else, my friend. What not else. Three temple boss battles await the brave, in custom built temples designed to house not only the beast that lurks within, but your fallen flesh after the fact. Oh, and an awesome custom texture pack. Oh, and more fun than your frontal lobe can handle.

Download Return of the Wither Boss Minecraft RPG Adventure Map!

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