Nuked Minecraft Survival Island

Nuked is a narrative survival map, meaning that the first map you download is but chapter one in a series of daring escapes. In this first installment you wake up in quite a neat little bunker in the middle of a small and barren archipelogo of sand and smoothstone islands. The rest of the world has been nuked and instead of just staying on your island, where the radiation has apparently not reached, you’ve decided to get to the End and kill a dragon, because you seek danger like a lemming seeks cliffs.

Before you start thinking this is going to be easy, you should be warned that all the ores in this map have been hand placed, which means striking it rich is a matter of persistence and eating a lot of dry bread. And perhaps a little melon if you can get a patch up and running. They should really just call this Vegan Survival Island.

My only complaint is that you spawn in a bunker, which means shelter, which means you could ‘technically’ win this map just by staring at a wall. You wouldn’t have completed the challenges of course, but challenges are for people who like artificial constructs.

Download Nuked Minecraft Survival Island

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