Top Five Minecraft Villager Textures

best minecraft villager textures

Here are texture packs that will transform your villagers from plain old big nosed Testificates to a range of fascinating fellows, including more ‘normal’ villagers who look like Steve, Pirate Villagers, Cow Villagers, Zombie Villagers (to be confused with actual zombie villagers) and even Zelda villagers!

Stevian Villagers

steve villagers texture pack minecraft

The purpose of the Stevian Villagers texture pack is obvious. These villagers will look much like Steve does, so that when you walk into a village looking all Steve-y, you won’t feel out of place. The Stevian villagers texture pack contains the following minecraft villager types:

  • Farmer
  • Barmaid
  • Blacksmith
  • Village Historian
  • Lord Mayor

Download the Stevian Texture Pack Through Curse!

Cow Villager Texture Pack

minecraft cow villagers texture pack

Imagine, a village full of bipedal cows, walking erect, tending the forge, wandering about the carrot patch and generally being ready to trade with anyone with the emeralds to do so.

Download the Cow Villagers Texture Pack!

Zelda Villagers Minecraft Texture Pack

zelda villagers minecraft texture pack

Now this texture pack is actually a Kakariko Village pack, modeled after the Zelda series. It contains more than mere villagers, but the villagers, as seen above, fit quite nicely into the general aesthetic with their smooth, mouthless faces. They certainly couldn’t make a telephone call without a mouth, but I doubt they care.

The Zelda villagers texture pack includes:


Download the Kakariko Villagers texture pack!

Animal Villagers Texture Pack

The perfect texture pack for the minecraft Animal Crossing survival map, the animal villagers texture pack does what it says on the tin: changes all the villagers into various animals and creatures. Now you won’t know if that zombie is actually a zombie with a fear of the dark, or a villager.

Download the Animal Villagers minecraft texture pack!

Pirate Villagers Texture Pack

Arrrr! Turn your minecraft villagers into pirates with this texture pack that does exactly what one might expect it to – turn your village into a den of scurvy sea dogs with a taste for treasure. Also contains epic mustaches, for those who like their minecraft villagers furry.

Download the Pirate Villager Texture Pack.

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