Minecraft Animal Crossing Download

minecraft animal crossing download

Animal Crossing can now be played as a minecraft survival map, hurrah! The popular community simulation game can now be played in blocky squares, with you as a player trying to fit into a new village, this time not populated by furry animals, but instead by not at all furry Squidward-headed villagers.

(On a completely unrelated note, it is possible to turn all your villagers into Squidwards using the Squidward Villager replacement texture pack, found at that link.)


Anyway, back to Animal Crossing in minecraft. The aim of the game is to integrate yourself into the local community, performing relevant tasks like picking and indeed, planting flowers. There are several goals to be attained in this survival experience, here are a few of them:

Build a two story house. Put a roof on it.(5pts)
Go to the Nether. (15pts)
Craft a set of diamond tools. (20pts)
Follow the rules. (15pts)
Build a beach house in addition to your main house.(25pts)
Trade with villagers to the tune of ten gold ingots. (5pts)
Kill twenty angry mobs.(15pts)
All goal completion bonus!(40pts)

Minecraft Animal Crossing Download Link

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